The benefits of Karate are many and well known.  Self defense is the primary benefit and the reason Karate was developed in the first place.  Knowing how to defend yourself and your family will prove to be an asset.

Karate develops confidence and a sense of purpose. The incremental teaching of Karate provides a foundation and purpose especially to children who seem to lack focus, discipline and direction.  Often times children who are unsuccessful in school, or other sports thrive in Karate.  Furthermore the discipline skills developed in Karate oftentimes help children to be better focused in school.

Karate also helps develop muscle tone, flexibility, and strength. Training in martial arts develops both cardiovascular fitness as well as muscle tone, flexibility, and strength. .  Endurance in a conflict often time predicts the outcome.

Karate is especially beneficial to ADHD and high functioning Autism students.  (See your doctor or therapist about the possible benefits of Karate in an overall treatment program.).  Karate builds concentration and motor skills.

May 2013